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Welcome to Resolute Mortgage Services. Our purpose is to provide solutions to distressed borrowers. Our team acts as a liaison between the lender/loan servicer and the borrower with the goal of negotiating a favorable outcome for all parties involved.

We believe that by working with borrowers and lender we can make a positive impact on our community by providing distressed borrowers with options to foreclosure.  By reducing the number of homes that fall into the foreclosure process, we are reducing the negative impact to home values and credit scores.

For Lenders/Servicers, our team provides the valuable service of contacting the borrower and informing them of the alternatives to foreclosure that are available to them.  For borrowers, we will help you understand your options and work with you to transition out of your current situating in a dignified manner.

Questions? Call us today. Resolute Mortgage Services 866-573-7847